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Geri Coin Censor Extrordinaire

This blog is dedicated to the defeat of secular thinking, which by definition excludes God and Intellectual Design (ID). As such, we politically and/or academically target through argument that a God-less society is an evil society and those who censor debate involving God and Intelligent Design are part and parcel of that evil.

To a great extent, this blog must necessarily target, in an academic debate sense, people like Geri Coin (name spelt incorrectly on purpose) who because of their inherent evil and their own academic insecurities feel it necessary to censor any ideas that counter their own theories, for example theories of evolution where it is hypothesized that man evolved from primordial soup.

While Darwin himself could not prove that entirely new body types and structures could have evolved from single cells, or primitive, multi-celled organisms, and he admitted as much, people like Mr. Coin (named spelled incorrectly on purpose) have become so wedded to evolution, that they just don’t have the ability right now to even consider other theories.

That is why we have seen Geri Coin (name changed to protect the guilty) outright censor Ball State University and a museum in Los Angeles, because his insecurities over Darwinian evolution run so deep.

Think about this: why would a person like Coin feel so compelled to censor thought? If he had confidence in his theories, he would welcome open debate of alternative ideas instead of censoring those ideas, because ultimately ideas with no foundation “naturally devolve” and are ultimately dismissed.

I am a computer, electrical, and network engineer in a Research and Development organization, so obviously I have had to pursue the sciences quite rigorously in order to achieve my degrees. I practice in these fields today and have for 33 years, and recently I have studied ID. I am a religious person, but obviously I cannot allow my religion to interfere with my research, otherwise, I would not be able to deliver.

Alas, that is the problem with Mr. Coin (name spelled incorrectly on purpose). He allows his agnosticism, a quasi-religion, to influence his “work”, and his insecurity brought about by his lack of intellectual rigor and his uncertainty about God to censor others so that his insecurities and academic deficiencies are not exposed.

Well, Geri Coin (named spelled incorrectly on purpose), it is too late. Your insecurities are now plainly visible for all to see. Your bullying of Ball State and the LA Museum certainly helped to expose them, but over time, your self-doubt has become more than evident to all who care to look.

But guess what, the game is over. For every action you take to censor, there will be an equal and opposite reaction to expose your anti-1st Amendment mindset, your censorship mindset. That means that in the near future you will see ID and religion become more prominent and “in your face”. We will of course always back up our arguments with actual data, and will not use the language of the “main stream science” community, which these days contain terms like “maybe”, “perhaps”, and “indirect proof” vs. definitive statements and “direct proof”.

One need only watch popular main stream “science” programming, such as “The Universe”, “The Cosmos”, and “Through the Wormhole” to see the extent main-stream science is going through to “stretch theories” into the land of insanity. For example, we see, “Perhaps we all came from the stars” and “Maybe we can travel on time warps presented at the singularity of blackholes”, or as Brian Cox said on “The Wonders of Life”, “We all come from a primordial soup of amino acids and other proteins.”, but he said this without one single iota of proof. Yet, because he is a “scientist”, we are supposed to believe it.

And, not a single “Blackhole” has ever been directly observed, even though main-stream scientists are “100% certain” that they exist. What is their proof? Well, they have observed stars at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, in motion as though in orbit. You see, these scientists are 100% certain that it “must be” a blakhole at the center of the galaxy exerting the gravitational forces on the stars. Can you imagine that an ID proponent argues that the information built-into DNA provides the necessary instruction set for the development of an organism, and that through all of human kind, “instruction sets”, like an algorithm, are associated with intelligence? This style of argument is akin to the “star-orbit” argument, but somehow it is different, according to main-stream scientists.

Your free reign of academic bullying and intimidation is over, Geri Coin, name spelled incorrectly on purpose. You will now be exposed and we will fund your targets of retribution so that they have the ability to face you down in court. This will continue untill you stop your un-American censorship, where your actions are reminiscent of the worst tyrants in history in the sense that you figuratively burn books containing knowledge that will expose your insecurities.

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